Tate – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Programme: September 2022-July 2023

The unwavering commitment of the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation to Tate’s Learning Programme has ensured the success, security, longevity, and growth of our learning activities for audiences with Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND). This is a crucial aspect of our programme in serving one of our core aims, to champion the right to the richness of art for everyone, and to influence thinking about the nature of art and its value to the world. We believe in the positive impact of art for young people’s intellectual, social, and emotional wellbeing and that all young people should have access to art and culture. 

Through this programme, we prioritise the comfort, ease, and sense of belonging for everyone. Inclusivity is at the core of our mission at Tate. In all aspects of our work, we aim to represent the demographic and cultural diversity of London, and to proactively engage, partner with, and amplify the voices of people and groups who have been and are underrepresented in Tate’s galleries and the cultural sector. 

Our SEND programme is one of the main ways that we can target audiences and be active in our inclusion of artists and partners with additional needs. This report provides an overview of the difference your funding has made in creating an inclusive place at Tate, including the outcomes of our Schools and Teachers, Artist Workshops, Resources, and Family Programmes, and our plans for the forthcoming year. Your generous support of £20,000 for our programme for the academic year September 2022 – July 2023 was crucial in helping us to achieve this and we hope you enjoy reading about what was made possible through the help of your donation. Read the full report here.

Sarah MonteathHead of Programmes, Tate


Photo: Artist-led Schools Workshop Programme, July 2023 Tate Britain. © Tate. Larina Annora Fernandes.