Science Museum Early Birds

Feedback from a parent who attended Early Birds at the museum recently.

“We came to the Early Birds session this past Saturday morning. I just wanted to say it was BRILLIANT! It was the first time I had been able to come with my son and the difference from previous trips when everything is busy, loud and stressful was night and day. It was so calm, and we all really enjoyed it. It was an extra special thing for me, not only seeing my son being able to enjoy it, but I am also autistic and this was the first time I have been to a museum and not felt overwhelmed, and truly able to enjoy it! So thank you. We appreciated all the extra little bits they had for us. The things to make and build, the extra workshops, seeing animals, making motorised pen things! And a big highlight for us was the pop up planetarium. They were fantastic and calm. But all the helpers were amazing, helpful and great at engaging with our son. It was also really fun for us as a family to enjoy in the interactive lab with the slides, and all the different experiments. Thank you for making this possible!! I really didn’t think we would be able to have a family day like that with the challenges we face, but you made it possible! And we are so very grateful.”